Our Guides


To all of us, here at 4Xdesert, the desert is a passion, and Mitzpe Ramon is a loved home. We enjoy sharing our love with others, and showing off our outdoor "office" to visitors and tourists.


We also believe in strengthening our local economy so all of our guides are locals with years of experience in hiking, backpacking, off road driving and of course- guiding. First and foremost, though, (and sometime people forget how important this is), our guides are genuinely nice people.


Our staff won't only tell you about this flower and the geological layers of that rock, but will be happy to help you find the right spot for a beer at night or tips for catching the right bus to your next destination.


Many of the members of 4Xdesert also volunteer in the local Search and Rescue unit, so you know you'll be getting the safest hiking tips (after all, if you do get lost- we're the ones that will have to leave a half eaten dinner and come and find you).