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A inspiring letter from one of our visitors

A while back Michelle joined us on one of our jeep tours. She asked only a few questions throughout the tour, and seemed very quiet. A couple of weeks ago we received a thank you letter from her, and we were all inspired by it. With her permission we're posting it here.

Thanks so much Michelle for this letter. We hope to see you back here in the Ramon crater soon.

I know it might sound a little bit dramatic to say, but seeing the Ramon Crater for the first time is an ethereal experience. As I stood on the edge of the cliff trying to match in myself the majesty that was spread out before me, I knew that I would not be able to accept this glance as my relationship with the Makhtesh. I took this powerful need to explore with me as I took my seat in the jeep that would take me through the crater.

A Makhtesh is a natural wonder that thrives quietly in this amazing corner of the world, for me, exploring it was a privileged experience. In each of the earth’s ripples, a secret hides, each one owns a part of a million years’ worth of history. I’ve had the opportunity to visit many beautiful natural places in my life, but there is something about the untouched desert that captivates me, its vastness sparks inspiration. A place so open and free from human influence is refreshing, it clears up your mind, it pulls you back to the basics. I know that every moment spent surrounded by the crater’s walls is one that needs to be treasured, because it is a moment of quiet and peace.

The love and passion for the history behind each and every layer of rock flowed through my guide’s words as he offered me a new understanding of how the Makhtesh was formed. As the tour went on, I collected pieces of knowledge that I never thought I’d be able to appreciate.

I fell more in love with every step I took as we moved deeper into the crater, I wanted to know more, I wanted to see more, I never wanted to forget how I felt in those moments as I stood in silence trying to take it all in.

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