Daily Open-Group Jeep Tours of
the Ramon Crater 

Regular Jeep tours are a 2.5 hour adventure that includes the highlights of Makhtesh Ramon (The Ramon crater, which isn't really a crater, but we will get to that...) You'll hear about the Geology of this region, discover some of the fascinating  hardy plants and with a little bit of luck get a glimpse at some of the amazing animals that have made this harsh desert their home.


Our Ramon Crater Jeep tours for independent travelers are a great opening activity for your stay in Mitzpe Ramon - You'll get an introduction to the area, ideas for things to do during the rest of your stay, and meet some amazing people while you're at it. Our jeep tours run daily, every week day (Sunday-Thursday), and are offered for the best possible price - with us, you're only paying for your seats. You don't have to book a private tour and pay for the whole Jeep!

Ask our guide-driver for tips about other activities. Perhaps you'd like to end the Jeep tour with rappelling down the cliff? 


Pricing: 250 ILS per person or just 200 ILS for guests staying 2 nights or more in Mitzpe Ramon!


* Minimum 2 tickets per booking.

** Tours will last approximately 2.5 hours, but might be delayed because of rough terrain, weather  or busy trails and roads. 



Only pay for YOUR seats, NOT for the whole Jeep!

Rappelling  (private activity)


Imagine standing on the edge of an awesome view. The cliff of the Ramon crater. A solid limestone wall with a 300 meter drop to the bottom where dunes of colorful sand stretch out as far as the eye can see.


A light breeze is blowing and the view is crisp and clear. The scenery isn't only visible- you can breath it in and feel its presence even when you close your eyes and listen to the silence.


Now imagine doing all this while hanging off this cliff. Rappelling (abseiling) is extremely safe and secure, but it will still get your heart pumping and your blood rushing, like no other desert activity.


Without any prior experience we'll get you sliding down the face of the cliff with ease. All you need, really, is a daring heart. We will provide all of the safety gear needed, and our certified abseiling instructors work 1 on 1 with you to coach you safely down the cliff. You control your own speed and descent, but we have a full backup system in place to protect you.  


This is one of the best activities that Mitzpe Ramon has to offer, and is a must-do adventure on your trip to Israel.


Private Jeep tours of the Ramon Crater  (Makhtesh)


If you really want to discover this wonderful place at your own pace, or if you're looking for a family adventure, a private jeep tour is the way to go.


Our guides are all experienced and most importantly- local. They will be happy to adjust the tour to your needs- More scenery? No problem!, Less Bumpy? Sure! You want to stop right here for a picture or climb to that peak- Happy to do it.

We will adjust the right time of day- from sunrise to mid day and sunset, and the right length of time- 2.5 hours, if you're only here for a short visit, or 4 hours if you really want to explore and discover the desert and its secrets.

In fact, we can even arrange a full day adventure for you, with a picnic under an acacia tree, and some hiking combined with the tour. 


Private tours are offered 7 days a week, any time of year.

Private Jeep tours of the Zin Valley


This harsh, arid valley is tucked away about 40 km south of Beer Sheva, and the same distance from Mitzpe Ramon.

It is a land of extremes, where the complete lack of vegetation exposes the geological forces in all of their might, and the dry barren landscape is interrupted by a handful of life supporting springs and waterholes.

The Zin valley jeep tour offers the rare combination of majestic desert vistas and a cool dip in a remote desert pool. With a little bit of luck you'll also get to see some of the animals that have made this region their home.

Summer Sunset Tour - coming soon


Our summer sunset tours are a great way to get a taste of the area. Think of this as an appetizer to the days of adventure to come.


You'll hear a little bit about the area, the town and the landscape, get some great photo opportunities and get some great recommendations for hikes or activities for the rest of your visit. with a little bit of luck you might find a partner or two for your hike the following day. 


Tours are planned to leave every Monday. Stay Tuned!